Welcome to Fifty States Vodka – an extraordinary all-American spirit that promises a taste like no other. Our meticulous craftsmanship pays homage to the core values that define America, bringing you an unparalleled experience with each sip. It all starts with handpicked, locally sourced sweet corn, meticulously harvested for its exceptional quality. Through a six-step distillation process in Chelsea, Michigan, we transform this precious ingredient into an exquisitely refined and delicate vodka that embodies the essence of our nation. Join us on a journey of exceptional taste and true American pride with every bottle of Fifty States Vodka.

Our Family, Like Your Family

In 2014, Tom Liberati embarked on a journey to create an exceptional American vodka that would proudly represent the values of the United States. It all began during a conversation with a friend at a bar, where they discussed brands of vodka made in America. Disheartened by the limited options available, Tom started researching American liquor brands but found none that truly captured the essence of our beautiful country.

Determined to change that, Tom set out to craft an American vodka that would stand apart, not only in taste but also in its representation of the nation. He envisioned a distinctive bottle adorned with bright red, white, and blue colors, symbolizing the patriotic spirit of the United States, recognizable and admired worldwide.

For Tom, it wasn’t just about creating an exceptional product; he wanted Fifty States Vodka to embody the very essence of American values. With unwavering dedication, Tom and his family set to work, meticulously designing every detail and embarking on a quest to find a master distiller capable of creating a formula that would be truly unparalleled.

The result of their passion and hard work was the birth of Fifty States Vodka in 2014 – a testament to the pursuit of excellence, patriotism, and the true spirit of America. From that moment on, Fifty States Vodka has proudly represented the highest standard of American vodka, inviting all to savor its smooth and exceptional taste, while celebrating the core values that unite us as a nation.


Floral & Delicate


Sweet & Round


Crisp, Clean

“As a proud member of this family business, I cherish the opportunity to be part of something that goes beyond creating exceptional vodka. It’s about embracing our shared values, channeling our passion, and crafting a spirit that embodies the spirit of unity and pride in our beautiful country. This journey has not only brought us together but also allowed us to create a legacy that reflects the very essence of what it means to be American.”

– VP Michael Liberati