Dear Annie and Bill,

Let this be a letter to share with others …

I was introduced to Annie and Bill from Kosher Caregivers when they first moved into the same office building my company also occupied. My life was a nightmare at the time, as I am an attorney with a busy practice. My Mom was a senior citizen who had dementia and was very lonely. I did not have enough time to dedicate to help her.

What I found out, being neighbors, is that Kosher Caregivers provides care to people like my Mom (and me) who was in distress and needed daily companionship. Kosher Caregivers sent a wonderful caregiver who helped my Mom with the tasks of daily living, as well as nursing assistance, and did many little things that made a big difference in my Mom’s life.

Being on the same floor, I noticed that Kosher Caregivers, on numerous occasions, had a parade of caregivers and clients going into the office for birthday parties and celebrations. When my Mom’s birthday came around, the office staff called my Mom and sang “Happy Birthday”, to her surprise and delight. In the afternoon, Annie took the time out of her busy schedule to go and visit my Mom with a birthday cake. She was in heaven.

Annie and Bill were regularly in touch with my Mom, making sure she was happy with her caregiver. The office staff also helped with the insurance paperwork, especially the follow up. They go the extra mile and are always in communication.

My Mom has now passed and I will be forever grateful to have met Annie and Bill and the wonderful caregiver they brought into my Mom’s life.

For the sake of my Mom … they made her life a lot easier … with brighter days for her …


Richard I. Gilbert, P.A.