“To Whom It May Concern,

Kosher Caregivers have been providing home services for approximately 6 months with 2-3 visits per week to my mother’s home. As a physician, I oversee and coordinate the needed medical and home care services for my mother.

Without equivocation, I can endorse the attentive, respective, responsive and compassionate services provided by the staff of Kosher Caregivers. Unfortunately, my mother suffers with deteriorating Alzheimer’s evidenced by forgetfulness, confusion, catastrophic reactions, anxiety attacks, emotional liability/irritability and occasional paranoia. her medications are laid out for her in pill containers by a nurse, Sarah, from Kosher Caregivers.
In regards to Bill, the Owner of Kosher Caregivers, I have found him always available to answer questions and adjust staffing needs as they change, On several occasions, he and his staff were available on an emergency basis to go to my mother’s home and provide an assessment and care, thereby avoiding hospitalization. My mother has had several home aids from Kosher Caregivers and all have been compassionate and respective even at times when my mother was insulting and accusatory. Their behavior was well-intended and professional. When home care needs have changed, Bill and aids would modify their approach with my mother with my guidance. They all remained receptive to my input as her son and a psychiatrist.

As a psychiatrist, I am intimately aware and involved with people and families who have to oversee the care of beloved aging parents and the broad range of services available in the community. I can say that I’m very appreciative and grateful for the work, service, and care that has been demonstrated and provided by Kosher Caregivers, Were it not for them, my mother would likely be in a long-term nursing facility. Because she remains comfortable in her own home, they have helped us continue her comfort and quality of life. I have not encountered a single transgression in their mission to assist my mother to remain comfortable in her home.

I hope this letter serves as my review of their services. If you would need additional information, I can make myself available to discuss the matter in normal details.”